Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy week past and forward

Well, I guess I already failed at posting everyday! Oh Well! Of course I am a busy wife, mom of a two year old and a business woman. Last week recap, of what I recall (I've slept several times :) : Last week was so very full of just life. You know how busy things in general get and before you know it you are into the weekend. We are looking to sell our home and buy a bigger place, so if you are looking for a cute 3bed/2bath let me know! So I spent some of last week looking at some places and found one I really like, only downside is the yard is not really big, of course it's bigger than the postcard size that seems so popular right now. My dad make a wonderful observation though, "You only need enough room for a playset and room for kids to run." Wisdom! Yet, as much as I love the closeness of the city I still want the breathing room of the country. I can have both! God has a great place for us, we just have to find it and be patient that the right person or family is coming for our current house.

Church. It is a wonderful place. The last three weeks our pastor has been teaching on the principles of an abundant life. My toes have been stepped on, my soul searched and heart renewed. Praise God for a man who will stand up and teach the Word of God as it is. Sometimes it hurts but then comes healing. For me I have had some realizations that have been hard but life changing. Did you know that you can give the tithe but you are in sin if you wished you still had it to use for your own use? WOW. Malachi 3:8 'Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me.  “But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’  “In tithes and offerings.' You see I have always given the tithe, no doubt. But I will admit here lately when things are tight and I can't see the top from the bottom I have really wished I could just take that money and do whatever I needed or wanted. And then I got upset because I didn't understand that no matter how much I gave or kept there wasn't enough. Then Pastor Pat started this series. I had been robbing God. I never would have thought that but it was true. To want what is holy is wrong and my life was showing it. That was just week one! Yet you know God is so good. I asked why things were turning so crappy when I was following Him and He began to show me. That's what I love about Him. Week one was the Key of Self Value. I haven't had much of that in a while. And God showed me that He loves me so much and I see the magnificent creature He created. I'm getting there. Randy Draper said something very profound, "Failure is an event not a person." I've been reminding myself of that a lot lately when I don't feel like I've succeeded.
Week two was about finding your identity in Christ and yesterday, week three was the principle of desire. To have dreams and desires is okay. I had started to forget that. I have had somethings really beat the crap out of me and didn't want to dream anymore. Dream of a healthy body, awesome house, more children, a successful business. Here God goes and says it's okay, go ahead and keep dreaming and desiring those things. I'm so glad to have a Father that cares that much about me, do you?

Well this week is going to be great. I get to spend the next three days with my wonderful mom at a finance seminar by James Smith. Looking forward to learning some things to turn my family's life around. I will be meeting with some lovely ladies to gather info on a trunk show we will be having on Oct. 6 (more info to come) and on Saturday I get to have a jewelry show with a very dear friend. I love giving jewelry away! I hope you lean on God and see yourself this week as the magnificent creature He made you.

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